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Mobile app for Indian military

Hamraaz is a mobile software made by the Government of India to serve the members of the military. Developed by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, this app is particularly useful for Army Jawans. It functions to provide prompt communication and dissemination of information to junior commissioner officers and other personnel. Using this army app, military members can access salary information as well as other services made by the government. The Hamraaz APK is downloadable for free. But, only the members of the Indian Army can use it. Civilians cannot create an account. Moreover, setting up an account will require verification of the users Aadhar details.

Access your payslip and other services

As mentioned, only the commissioners and personnel of the Indian Army can use the app. It requires the user to provide their Aadhar card number and other army-related details. The details provided will then be verified with the Army database using the National Information Centre (NIC) cloud. Once verified, the users will be given a one-time password, which they can use to access the app.

Users can access their payslips using Hamraaz. However, it requires a payslip password to open the PDF file. The password is the first four digits of the user’s PAN card, together with the date and month of their birth. The PDFs are downloadable. But to do so, users need to provide a separate password, which is the first four digits of their PAN plus the last four digits of the date of their enrollment. Note that the letters in the password must be capitalized.

All in all, Hamraaz is a great army app. It provides a fast way to disseminate information and military services. However, the app tends to become buggy. It frequently freezes when accessing the tabs. Additionally, it is only available to Android devices.

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