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A solid PDF reader and converter for Microsoft Windows

Adobe Reader DC is one of the most popular PDF readers in the world. Over the years, this software has become the standard choice for sharing, annotating, viewing, printing, and signing PDFs. Compared to other free software available online, this one can open a wide range of PDF content, including forms, tables, and multimedia. Additionally, the tool is compatible with other Adobe products, including Document Cloud. As such, you can synchronize content on multiple devices. Adobe Reader download has a simple and intuitive interface, which makes it easier to create, view, convert, and share PDF files.

Multiple features, simple interface, and quick conversions

For a long time, PDF readers were only designed to view PDF documents. Users could only read the files and scroll through the pages. Fortunately, Adobe released the Reader DC to become a full-fledged resource for PDFs. With this application, you can conveniently view, sign, read, and share files.

While a lot of free programs like Foxit Reader and PDFelement offer these features, they’re not even close to Adobe’s reliability, range of features, and customer support. Whether you’re looking for a basic PDF reader or a quick PDF converter, Adobe Reader DC won’t disappoint.

What about the interface?

As mentioned earlier, Adobe Reader has a simple interface, and depicts everything with large-sized icons. Since the program doesn’t require a steep learning curve, you can start viewing and converting PDFs instantly. From the ‘Tools’ tab, you can access multiple features, which have been divided into different categories. Some of the most commonly used categories include ‘Create & Edit’, ‘Review & Approve’, and ‘Forms & Signature’.

Each category comes with a few dropdown menu options, letting you open a new file, password-protect documents, or apply stamps and signatures. The app has a search bar, which allows you to find preferred features instantly. In fact, the program suggests a detailed list on the basis of the search phrase.

The leading PDF viewer supports simple scrolling, ensuring seamless navigation to shuffle between multiple documents or pages. Moreover, the zoom feature doesn’t impact the file’s visual quality, and you can zoom in to easily read text in a small font size.

What are the features?

Since Adobe Reader download is backed by the IT giant, the product receives regular updates and bug fixes. In the earlier versions, it was possible to leave comments and e-signatures on the documents. The latest version of the program focuses on convenience and efficiency. The development team has tried to extend the range of features available for working with PDFs.

The application comes with three prominent feature sets, including commenting and annotating tools, quick conversions of multiple file formats, and support for Adobe Reader Mobile and Adobe Document Cloud. Since the app is fast and hassle-free, it takes care of everything in real-time.

With the desktop version of the program, you can perform multiple tasks, apply edits, and convert file formats to PDFs almost instantly. While some people consider the interface to be cluttered, it just feels so because of the overwhelming advanced features.

Since everything can be stored with Adobe Document Cloud, there’s no need to exhaust the system’s internal storage space. Most importantly, it lets you access the documents from anywhere on the go. On the other hand, if you already use third-party applications like Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive, Adobe Reader DC lets you upload the documents directly to these services.

Can you scan files with Adobe Reader DC?

Adobe Reader DC is one of the quickest PDF converters available online. Compared to Sejda PDF Desktop and other similar programs, this PDF viewer creates and converts files within seconds. You can use the ‘Create PDF’ feature to convert several file formats to PDF. Moreover, the application supports Adobe Document Cloud, which lets you conveniently store everything online. This also leads to better file handling, since you’ll be able to open the PDF on multiple devices.

Apart from the ‘Create PDF’ button, you can access the ‘Adobe Scan’ feature, which automatically recognizes text from papers, screens, and whiteboards. The in-demand feature is based on Sensei, Adobe’s AI model, to improve the quality of scans, correct certain perspective errors, detect boundaries, and automate workflows.

This feature comes in handy for office-goers, entrepreneurs, and project managers, who can simply take a picture of hand-written text on tiny notes, receipts, papers, whiteboards, etc. With Adobe Reader DC, you don’t need a separate scanning app to store digital copies of offline documents.

Is there a mobile version?

While Adobe Reader DC has been primarily designed for Windows PCs and Mac devices, the application is available for smartphones too. With the iOS and Android apps, the IT giant continues to serve as the most popular tool for reading, converting, and viewing PDFs. Though the mobile apps for both platforms are free, you can upgrade with a subscription. It gives you access to some advanced features.

Whether you’re looking for a PDF reader, PDF viewer, or PDF converter, Adobe Reader download is often the first choice. In order to provide more flexibility than competitors, the tool features additional functionalities, including Cloud storage, password protection, multiple device support, and more.

The perfect choice for creating PDFs on Windows PCs

For a long time, Adobe Reader DC has been the global standard among PDF readers and converters. While you can use many features for free, the subscription-based pricing plans give you access to some important functionalities. Moreover, once you purchase a subscription, you don’t need to make recurrent purchases for every file conversion. Whether you’re an individual working with PDFs or an entrepreneur looking for a PDF viewer for your startup, you can never go wrong with this application. Just download, install, and start working with PDFs from the get-go.

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