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Social app for sharing short clips!

Vigo Video (formerly known as Hypstar) is a social networking app for sharing 15-second clips online. Formerly called Hipstar and Flipagram, this social app allows you to explore millions of funny, interesting, and creative clips online. Using the app, you can share daily activities with like-minded people around the world. Simply put, Vigo Video, just like Tik Tok, lets you show off talents in different categories, including lip syncing, dance challenges, food trips, music covers, beauty performance arts, animal clips, and more.

Fun, interactive, and plenty of features!

If you’ve been looking for a free video sharing app, Vigo Video will be an excellent choice. With millions of videos available on the app, there’s plenty to explore and engage with to keep you interested. Vigo Video app is available for Android as well as iOS platforms. Though we have numerous video making apps available online, Vigo Video is getting increasingly popular among youngsters.

While Vigo app was designed primarily for video creators, it has become an entertaining and engaging social platform around the world. With millions of user profiles and funny videos, browsing through the app can take your entire day. As such, parental supervision is recommended for kids and young adults.

With 15-second long videos, the app uses AI technology to add filters, backgrounds, and other features. Currently, the app is available in more than 150 markets in the world. Since the videos created are short, Vigo app download allows you to display creativity in the area of video creation. Additionally, you can endorse fellow content creators to personal contacts through various social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Messenger.

Social sharing made easier

One of the primary features of Vigo Video is the social sharing functionality. Once you upload a video, it’s promoted to users around the world with the help of high-end AI-based algorithms and NLP experts. Such a mechanism allows people to reach their fans and followers with ease.

Like most video creation apps, you can collaborate with other users to create videos and produce interesting content. At the same time, multiple users can share the same video simultaneously to gain traction on profiles. Such streamlined user experience ensures a fulfilling and fun time on the app.

Chat with fans and followers

With the chat feature, you can easily communicate with other people round the clock. Moreover, you can create group chats to have more fun. It’s possible to exchange videos and send messages privately, ensuring your data is protected. As such, popular artists and influencers can create and merge videos while being far from each other.

Since Vigo Video download has a wide user base, there are plenty of popular artists you can follow. It allows you to get tips and tricks to polish your skills and enhance the overall experience. Once your request to chat is accepted, chatting with influencers doesn’t cost a dime.

Wide range of special effects and filters

As compared to other video making apps, Vigo Video comes with plenty of nature-based filters. You can change the setting and ambience with cloudy, bright, or rainy filters. With the simple interface, it’s easy to increase light sensitivity, stop the wind speed, and change the background with various options.

Using the beauty features, it’s possible to change your facial appearance. While Snapchat focuses on stickers and filters, Vigo Video impresses with different moods, themes, and built-in video editing tools. You can use the ‘makeup’ feature to change your complexion, facial features, and skin texture. Additionally, you can include emojis to express yourself better.

Before sharing a clip online, you can utilize the built-in video editor, which is easy to use and navigate. Additionally, you can combine several videos and images with the app’s filters and special effects. Some of the most commonly used touchup options include Selfie Filters, Motion Stickers, Beauty Camera, Selfie Camera, Makeup Camera, Video Editor, and Secret Photo Album. Last but not least, it’s possible to add images in the videos as collages.

Get rewarded for sharing videos!

In the last few years, the number of video making apps has tremendously increased. While such platforms are addictive, they allow you to get rewarded for video creation and sharing. Since Vigo Video is one such platform, it’s getting even more popular. The clean interface, interactive emojis, and plenty of filters make it easy to create interesting and fun videos. Within a short period of time, Vigo Video app download has become a popular choice among the fastest-growing social networking apps.

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