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Creative Video Making

Video Star is a multimedia application by Dashuai. The multimedia application allows simple video making for mobile devices. Users can have impressively edited videos shared online, ideal for gaining likes on social media platforms.

Video Editing Features

Video Star is an unofficial video not affiliated with the original Video Star but it retains some of its basic functions. Users can make their very own videos with music as well as visual designs like filters and effects. They don’t have to open up the computer, transfer the videos and activate a video editing software. Using a video editing software from computers may have complete tools but it may take too much time to finish and post an edited video. Video Star skips that long process and makes it more accessible for less experienced users and even children. The main page will ask the user to click the advertisement first from the sponsored partner before taking selfies. Then the mobile device camera activates to capture any footage. Users can add effects and filters once they are done recording whatever they want to share. It can be a status update, singing with popular songs, lip syncing, short comedy skit, stunts, cute animal footage or more. Users must remember that any audio coming from the person or the background is not recorded but they can insert audio so that the recording can still be entertaining at least. There are also extra special effects and upgrades if users purchase them from the in-app store. This is kinda disappointing because users will be limited with what they currently have. The other portion of the main page is the community videos where users can playback what others have posted. Unfortunately, there are no video adjustment options like progress scroll or volume control.

Plain Video Maker

Video Star has bare minimal tools to make short video clips. On the other hand, users can still enjoy the videos that others have shared online. Anyone can both produce and watch video clips at the convenience of their mobile devices.

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