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India’s Social Media Platform

Helo is a free social and communication application created by Helo Holdings Limited. The social media application allows easy and convenient communication between users in India. It also lets them to interact and share trending topics all over India.

Background of India’s Booming Social Media Status

According to TranslateMedia’s article “India Social Media”, there are around 462 million users online or 34.8% of India’s estimated population of 1.3 billion. India has a very high number of internet users globally despite the small percentage, ranking as the second largest users. They have experienced significant growth since 2015. They are known as prolific users of Facebook and LinkedIn. Some of the factors that contributed to the increasing internet users are more affordable data plans and availability of mobile devices. Telecommunications and internet access bridged the gap between users regardless of poor infrastructures and fixed telecom lines.

Flavorful Social Media Contents

Helo has more than 40 million users nationwide. It also have mass of contents that can be downloaded and shared for free. Users can chat with everyone, at the same time make new friends wherever they are. They can also gather information regarding the latest happenings in India while discovering the world. This application is filled with interesting topics for discussion and sharing. They can access Trending and Entertainment news, watch Clips, Dance, Funny, Movie, Music, News, Song, Status and TV show videos, make Wishes, read Love quotes and Shayaris, greet others with Good morning and Good night, and laugh with meaningful jokes and Memes. The application is built to support 14 Indian languages. This feature helps users to speak in their native language easily across the country. It includes Assamese, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Haryanavi, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Tamil and Telugu.

Efficient Social Media Functionalities

Users are free to give comments with repost feature to share their piece of mind anywhere. The video clips from the application are shareable to other social media accounts like Facebook, WhatsApp, WhatsApp Status and Xender, as well as downloadable for personal use. They can also gain fame as internet celebrities by recording and sharing personal thoughts as video clips. They can also sign-in quickly via phone number, as well as Facebook, Google or Twitter account. The application includes a poll-making feature. Anyone can ask popularity votes for various topics like celebrities, favorite dish and even politicians. Every Indian Superstars has an official account in this applications and anyone can follow and chat with them. They can expect their idols follow them as well. The application also considerate with the protection of every users so it offers variety of privacy features.

Online Social Butterfly

Helo is a fresh social media platform for Indian users. It is filled with shareable contents for the enjoyment of everyone. Users can gain friends and fame with this application, as well as know everything trending in India.

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